Shredder feed their own hands

Shredder feed do with his own hands

Shredder grass, hay and straw for forage preparation is needed by all who are engaged in breeding poultry, rabbits, pigs or contain livestock or working in the garden. You can buy a commercial, but can help out and homemade chopper. Description of the shredder feed follows. All it can do with their hands out of scrap materials.

Basis chopper designs - a shaft length of 30 cm (12 mm rod) with a threaded 5 cm at one end.

Knife (the best of the web band saws) with double-sided sharpening has a hole in the middle and is mounted on the shaft between the 4 nuts. The second end is clamped in the drill (with side handle). Actually this whole structure!

You would think that a knife will be pounding on the bucket wall, but it is not so - not a knife batters and grinds the grass, roots, fresh cut hay as needed.On the drill to set the maximum 2800 rpm / min, for a home-made chopper performance is very good !!!

Here is a photo of the chopper made with their own hands just over forty minutes of work.



So sharpened knife.


In principle, in order to reduce vibration of two knives crosswise through the nut, but this case, the vibration can be put in general not roll perfectly smooth, well-balanced. To balance it can be hung on a thread of the hole and where will outweigh the other side need to grind off). In this chopper design for preparation of forages knife a bit longish, it can be shortened for ease of handling and greater freedom of action. If you put a second knife - cutting process will be faster. Although so a half a tank, shown in the photo, to cope for a few seconds, and it's almost a bucket of finished products.

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