How to prevent mosquito bites - 4 ways

Simple ways to protect against mosquitoes

On the vast Russian expanses and wide Ukrainian plains of mosquitoes are innumerable. How to prevent mosquito bites? How to protect yourself from mosquito bites - tell Ukrainians and Russians.

The easiest way is to kill a mosquito. But it is so much - it is possible to beat from morning till night, but less mosquitoes will not.

On the Internet, this design of the mosquito trap is very popular:


Honored, thought, it seems, should work. Will yeast feel and immediately fall into a trap - or at first you will be bitten by ten? Here is what a resident of Odessa says, believed in this design:

All the summer she played with her - she changed her place, yeast ... In short, she was disgraced just before neighbors.

Therefore, only the advice of people who have experienced their own experiences in life is offered below.

Available remedies for mosquito control

Advice of the wise. The first tool.

Birds help fight mosquitoes

Small birds (teats, swallows, wagtails) are enemies of mosquitoes, caterpillars, and mites. In summer there are few insects, at this time it is necessary to feed the birds. And in one season they make two clutches, they feed and feed on the chicks. If there is a sandpiper nest near your house, the mosquitoes will be twice as few. If you see a nest, don't scare the birds, pretend not to notice them. Boobs will also thank you for a handful of sunflower seeds and will live alongside you.

Birds are the biggest enemies of insects - they eat them - so my friend is the enemy of my enemy.

Tips from an experienced person. You do not need to create the conditions for mosquito breeding with your own hands

What does a mosquito need to breed? That's right, the water! Therefore, if there are tanks with water near the house or country cottage - they are mosquito nurseries, usually there are a lot of mosquito larvae. Barrels of rainwater, plastic bottles, car tires, folds of polyethylene film - all this must be freed from the water. If it is difficult - you need to drop a little oil of machine, it will spread and create a film of oil on the surface. A little mosquito lives in the water, but breathes the air! Mosquito larvae can not breathe because of the film and will not turn into adult mosquitoes.
In the ditches and ponds other will help - any fish this eater feeds. You just need to put several fish fry. And nothing more needs to be done!

An important circumstance. The mosquito can feel its victim for several kilometers. Help protect against such hypersensitivity helps plants.

Plants are assistants


Blessed is the house near which the walnut grows! The air near him is healthy, the fruits of the Greek nut for human health are useful. The walnut leaves from mosquitoes will help to protect themselves. If the scraped leaves with cuttings put under the table, on the table in a vase of water, on the windowsill - no mosquito nose in the room does not suck. The only bad thing is that not all people smell the walnut leaves. It's okay to breathe for an hour or two, but not everyone likes it every day..


You can collect wormwood - it grows everywhere - and just spread out in the corners of the room, but it's easier to use wormwood oil.

It is easiest to grease the rim of the window panes and window with oil. To sleep without mosquitoes - put on the side of the bed, which is near the head, and the one at the feet.

It is said that the essential oil of Wormwood stimulates the activity of the brain, but the smell of Wormwood will not be liked by everyone. Pregnant and epileptic it is contraindicated.


The house, in which there are many geraniums, is surrounded by an invisible cloud of its fragrance, mosquitoes fly by its side. And this is good!
The only bad thing is that such a house can not be carried with you, and mosquitoes are everywhere in the summer. You need something that you can wear.


The simplest and most effective means is a vanilla powder dissolved in water. The resulting solution is applied to the uncovered parts of the body - and there are no mosquitoes, all flew away!

Effectively repels mosquitoes with natural vanilla, but the wasps and gadflies fly to its scent.

Homemade electromechanical mosquito trap

Therefore, on the Internet you can see many schemes of electromechanical traps for mosquitoes.

Here is a very simple construction of a trap for mosquitoes. Anyone can do it with his own hands.


The principle of work is based on the assumption that mosquitoes fly to the light. In this design, a small electric bulb, hanging on a steel wire, shines and attracts mosquitoes. The body is a cardboard box from under the fruit juice (the top is cut off, the wire handle is fixed in two cut through side holes). At the bottom of the package is attached an electric fan (it is possible from a computer power supply unit), which draws air from the lamp into the gauze bag attached with a hair band.

The trap is suspended in a window opening or near a window, mosquitoes fly up to the bulb and are tightened by air flow into the body, and then into the gauze bag from which they can not escape. From time to time, the trap must be cleaned of the stuffed insects.

All ingeniously simple, you only need that mosquitoes fly up to the light bulb. And they, as experience shows, do not want to do it.

Mosquitoes have a lot of detectors! They catch infrared radiation, the smell of sweat, carbon dioxide from breathing. Mosquitoes, or rather mosquitoes react to a combination of signals that show them that a warm-blooded animal is near. In this case, the strongest reaction to the smell of sweat.

It is necessary to recognize, it is very difficult to stop mosquito bites. While the scheme of an effective electric and electromechanical destroyer of mosquitoes, no one offered ...

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