Electric fence: the subtleties, the secrets and tips

Electric fence: nuance, subtlety, tips for installation and use

Electric fence - irreplaceable thing in the farm. Anyone who has once tasted - will not be able to refuse. This article will teach you how to fill a smaller cones at first, advise what is best, the best, which is not and how to. Article Material going on dozens of pages of agricultural forums, selected only real recommendations, tips, stories about the peculiarities of using electricity. The following are verbatim "unkempt" statements, sometimes with a small voice related to a better understanding of the meaning, mostly corrected spelling and punctuation.

Subtleties and tips

The most important thing - to accustom cattle to the electric fence, many people think - let a herd of hedge and it grazes. No - they are on the horns of a wire wound, and fled. And if you are used to tear, half the battle down the drain, especially the young. Habituation cattle lasts at least 3 days, and the whole herd at once accustomed. Therefore, we choose the dominant head and tie nalygache have dragged so that it was possible to deal with, and can not pass.

If a large area of pasture (20-50 hectares), it is better not to fence all but only some areas and play off one by one. It is important to get a powerful generator and a good grounding circuit. The wire should be at a height of 70-80 cm.

The electric fence apply for distinction pasture "inside" area, 100% guarantee, "going beyond the perimeter of the" electric fence does not, therefore, on the edge of the field, where the border with neighbors - Net height of 0.8-1 m.

Even the dust and dirt on the facility can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the hedge. The same thing happens when you touch raw herbs. The power unit is small and therefore it is necessary to reckon with losses from leaks. You also need to constantly podkashivat grass under the wire.

Geese electric fence stops are not always, if you do not help - you have to put the grid height 0,5-0.8 m.

A week ago, beat kilometer painted stakes for the fence. They changed to a brand new store. Tonight their ... [strong words]. A kilometer [strong words].

- This is normal, I always do this calculation, do not buy expensive bars and insulators, I have a constant supply of waste made only wire and insulators of the bottles and, oddly enough, a cheap little break.
The bars are impregnated for 5-6 years, they can be replaced by a one-two with the old column prikrutka screws with insulators and wires without even turning.
According to this scheme, we still win, they get bored, they see that it does not bring large losses.
I came to the conclusion that the best option for the cattle - a powerful generator in excess of the square wire 1 mm with a large margin, homemade insulators, wooden desk with a margin (first tear, but will receive from the heart, then stop).
If the detractors will break the rack, insulators, wire pulled - no great loss, 2-3-4 restore times, get bored and stop.

The better insulator, the more efficient the work of hedges and lower current consumption from the battery.

We have only the first day of the sheep got out, then we got used. They at least do not break the wire as cows. On the second day the rain was grazing - zapped so that a half-hour finger father felt when accidentally touched. As a result, in the evening they could not drive out - they were afraid to approach the fence. From that day we have already ceased to follow them - normally graze.

Possible cause - they do not see the wire ... and that's torn, not knowing who they and what beats. We started right away with our wires ... wire entwined with synthetic material, two-color, high-contrast pattern. Tear stopped.

-There are problems, will pull, it is useful on the farm, and galvanized 200-300 m filched and ate, factory insulators beat nicer, they are expensive, and all homemade whole, not in a rush. To wire was noticeable - you can pull close parallel with the white rope with the flags. Then the fence will be noticeable and become accustomed much faster.

The issue of "the storm" - I have an electric fence around, and during a thunderstorm unplug the generator.

Secrets of the operation, mounting options and a complete set of modern electric fence

Stands for wires

We buy waste in forestry, ideally oak, but I have a fir from her cut slats, I do 40x50 impregnated with bitumen to 0.5 m in a barrel of fire, beat in the ground scrap hole centimeters by 30, rail striker do to not pricked when driving and score another 10-15 cm. Take a cordless drill and drill template height on all 10 mm. The insulator is placed on the bar with a gap from the column with a dry area. I blocked the way of 14 hectares, the bars are not impregnated third year.


Impregnated bitumen columns to wire

I stick (hammer) into the ground a piece of rebar (50 cm) and put on a piece of plastic pipe, then screw gun and insulators. The main problem - it's when removing forget to pull out the valve.
- A stolen piece of rebar. I confess, myself barely holding back when I see fitting. Metal - a weakness of mine.
- Here the point is to use the materials needed in farming and that can not be sold, plastic pipe - at risk, oak dangerous in the case of cooling - dolt stretched on wood, wire 1 mm in the black metal does not take more than 100 meters for household needs in year is not stretched.
- Meter tube with two holes from the screws? It seems useless thing. I do not steal.
And instead of a wire in my PVC twine interwoven with wires made of stainless steel. The more expensive it turns out, but in the more convenient.

Factory column for an electric fence

The pillars may be used as the plastic pipe, polypropylene Water 20 mm. They are sold at 4 meters. I cut on the meter into four parts. Perhaps you can cut it into five parts. Goat animal is shallow and does not jump.
- They can just pass through the wire and drill without insulators?
- The bars are, but a little expensive. Although it is very convenient. Insulators also rose. It makes sense to drill through the pipe. The savings is obvious. Well and cons to emerge during the operation.
- PVC pipe on the bars. Instead isolators, drill. Drilling can be improved, closer to the design of insulators. That is, in the hole from the top, obliquely cut to make the saw, while the wire does not pass through, but just to pass through the incision into the hole.

- As a former specialist, say, polypropylene pipes are marked with PN10 - with a pressure of 10 atm (the maximum) with a thin wall (d20 pipe wall thickness - 1.6 mm) and labeled PN20, designed for pressures up to 20 atmospheres. wall thickness - 3.4 mm for the same d20. Any polypropylene is very afraid of ultraviolet light and after a while peeling the top and become brittle, crack, roughly speaking, is divided (about biodegradable bags made of polypropylene heard?). Of course, the thinner the wall of the pipe, the less it will last in the sun. To prevent this it is sufficient to paint any color tube nitro, it is possible even from a container, part of nitro acetone slightly dissolve the top layer of the pipe, and the paint is tightly eats into polypropylene, providing long-term protection from ultraviolet radiation. Frost and water inside the polypropylene is not afraid
- Wood is still cheaper, but of course is less. If broken - beat butt hole, set a new bar and fasten with screws directly to him broken off.


Plastic PVC pipe

We make for the cattle and horses so: hammering a hookah, and they put on bottles of lemonade. Even the bottle is not nailed. The first time when the beast gets used, can climb over the fence. If rigidly fixed wire - it will tear, and fell off the bottle - that's all.

About theft - do not even consider the metal, it will not be with barbed wire, and without. There are wood, fir, impregnated individual columns are already 5 season. In hazardous areas it is necessary to posts with barbed wire, the wire does not stop the thieves.

Poles need to treat the skin and the burner with bitumen, there may be other options in the photo seen impregnation.

The wire

It recommended by some distance to make a bridge between the wires.

- Another option - the lower dull wire grounded line of least resistance gets stronger, especially in dry weather, away from the oscillator circuit, it is possible to save money on prisons, but it is more important for cattle.

We saved. Buy wire wholesale bay 80 kg, a diameter of 2.2 mm from producer. One bay enough about 80-100 hectares. Pegs 40x40 placed every 10 meters. Due to lack of insulator spun self-tapping thread. During summer operation with no complaints ... everything works ... no dry zone is not necessary. Electric fence graze 110 head of cattle, over the summer we never broke (better than 1 mm wire). The third year of use.

- The wire of this kind quickly stretched to the economic needs, it is a dangerous diameter.




Twisting the wire after rupture

Insulators for electronic fences

Insulators necks of plastic bottles in general a thing)))) better factory !!!
- I'm no crepe bottle to the post. Just cut the bottom off the bottle and put on the pole. Well kept half-liter bottles, bottles of beer - they have a tapered neck. Sometimes the diameter of the column (stick) exactly matches the inner diameter of the neck of the bottle, in such a case, all kept very well.
- I have a plastic bottle! A nail hammered in the middle of the lid stick and ready to apex. Stick pick up or do so that she got inside the bottle caps, bottles and 1.5 liter of hundreds, everywhere.


Insulator out of a plastic bottle

- You can immediately in a long (4 meters) of polypropylene pipe diameter of 20 mm to make a cut along the grinder. Then drilled in increments of 50 mm diameter through-holes of 2 mm, then the drill 10 mm. Expand the hole should be only one wall of the tube (a screwdriver). Then cut the tube into pieces of 50 mm so that the opening was in the center.
Attach an insulator should be self-tapping so that the cap passes through a hole in one wall of the pipe. For the price it turns out very cheap.

The Internet has found such things:
Staple STAYER universal for fastening the cable 4-7 mm with a galvanized nail, 60 pcs.
Instead of nails, you can use the screw.


Staple insulator

The better insulators, the better job protections and less current consumption from the battery.

Question by electronic fence insulators on how significant the leakage current for the battery discharge, someone met with quantitative indicators in the theory itself or considered in your practice?
- Electron energy consumption is very economical. There is hardly any sense to be considered. In my opinion it is more important to monitor the voltage on the fence. From leaks shepherd effectiveness depends very much.
- Very small for insulators do not pursue, they have a disadvantage: in the autumn, when the grass is small and it is old, flies and cobwebs in the morning and evening. After the rain started leaking. Therefore it is better more.


Industrial insulator.


Insulator coil.


Tell me whether the discharge from the battery electric fence power depends? If there is 60 and 90 put - will beat stronger?
- Work will be longer. Beat no more.


The generator in the pasture. Simply close the generator in a metal box and secure, it is cheaper and more reliable camera. Otherwise - stolen.

Risk of electric shock to persons of electric fences

A wire electric fence runs the high-voltage current. Shock can be very strong! Read!

- Today, shock jolted me from the fence. Before, unpleasant. It is tougher than I expected. Just felt the current through the right side of the body has passed through and left leg right.

- Sometimes obkashival trimmer wire so through rubber handles and boots make so that not laziness becomes a mile to go to the box on and off. And somehow the local dolt went into the bushes to cast, but stupidity is sent on the wire. He complained to me - as much teeth chattered. Well done, electric fence, keep it up!

- Live and learn. Yes, people are different, yesterday, for example, the farmer came with his family to watch how the electric fence, all watched recorded, first said, I will not try for yourself, because the feet wet, but in the end touched, curiosity won. So it is almost a meter thrown immediately understood why cows do not want to go through it.

- We were once taught that after a shock within 24-48 hours, even when everything seems to cost, can happen cardiac arrest. It is desirable to 3-4 days after the strike to take place in a hospital. Of course, it is usually unrealistic, but there were cases where this was necessary.

A method of testing an electric fence

Sometimes you need to quickly check the working portion of the electronic shepherd or not, and do not want to experience the hard way. You can check the blade of grass.

  1. Take a green blade of grass 20 centimeters in length and pinch between your thumb and forefinger.
  2. As for the wire end and a blade of grass blade of grass pushing through the wire, and the closer the hand will be closer to the wire, the stronger you will feel electric shocks. It is almost painless and eventually learn fairly quickly determine the condition of the fence.
  3. If you suspect that something was wrong - it is necessary to go and check, otherwise the animals will learn to quickly check your best. There are cows that bridge of the nose during dry weather condition try to hedge.
  4. Shot Power depends on the weather and footwear: boots in dry weather naturally beats weaker than in wet when standing bare feet in the gutter.

I have two sons, one at the time was 2.5 years, the second - six months. He began to mature gooseberry, I took the child and brought there, ate and came back, so a couple of times. Once he comes back and asks again, I explained that busy right now and how to be free, be sure to go. Several times he asked, I missed this moment, there is 25-30 meters up to the fence, and he went himself. He previously led up to spend a lot of time showing and said: "CURRENT!". He came up with two fingers and lifted the wire - I was flying, I do not know very much afraid that was not a stutterer. From the day when the children were walking, I turned off the current, could not sleep at night. The cattle is not running away, because it is short, but she is afraid of the wire.
But the son never touches the wire, and knows that the current outlet, too. A second two years younger, he would read directly, he takes his hand and went to the wire...

- The child must be taught! Take blade of grass raw authenticity and pinch your thumb and forefinger, the same to give the child to touch her wire and move it over the wire, bringing his hand. Strike is not strong, and the child otdernet arm himself when he realizes. He then without you repeat the shot will not be a surprise for him. At least he will be warned, because my grandfather taught me, so I teach my children. Electric fence - a very good thing, it is much better to the barbed wire fence. Firewood you, I suppose, is pricked with an ax, as well as to be careful to treat him.

Basically, this material was used stories and advice visitors fermer.ru.

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