Electric fence - reviews and stories about the experience of using

Electric fence - reviews and stories farmers

It takes time to buy a fairly complicated electric appliance, to establish and understand whether it justifies itself. Stories about its use, reviews of it peasants who tried it at work, will help readers determine whether to buy an electric fence.

They say farmers

I will tell about my experience. Last year we bought an electric fence. We received a pulse generator, two coils of the conductor (2 km), insulators (100 pieces of plain white without screws and 100 pieces of black with a screw) on a sample, a lightning discharge, a set for a gate. On a fenced area 6 cows, 1 heifer, 1 bull were grazed. We used black and white wire (2 coils), 2 km perimeter. Columns from local birches. We have all the fields overgrown with the forest and therefore there are no problems with the pillars. We set the pillars 20 meters (50 per 1 km). We pulled the wire in one line. Animals all learned literally in one day. We did not even expect this. At first, each animal tried to nose the fence, and then ceased to approach the fence. Animals come and go through the gate, they always go quietly along one path. Now grazing cattle has become much easier.
In September, more accustomed and calves. It is also understood everything. It will pay off for 5 times !!!

For winter, we thought to try winter wires, but first we decided to experiment with the same wire. Tried, he works in the winter. When some animal still touches the wire on curiosity or chance, then there is a blow and the animal remembers that it is forbidden to approach it.
The principle of operation of the electric fence is based on the reaction that makes the animal "respect" the fence. The electric shock that an animal gets is not dangerous, but the feeling after it is so unpleasant that it will be possible to avoid contact with the fence after a maximum of two attempts. Naturally, one can not allow a large herd to rest all at the fenced area - the "crowd effect" will work.

This is the first story about the experience of using an electric fence.

Second story. I use electric fence for 2 years, a very good thing! Bulls got used to three days, rams got used to a week, we release lambs on the second day after birth with the sheep. It all depends on the number of strokes: until each animal 3-4 times the impact does not feel - will not remember. At first, when struck, they will try to run forward, eventually get used to and leave away, so that the first days all the time should be around them with a piece of wire and pliers. The breakage of the wire must be rotated correctly so that the area of ​​contact between the two ends of the wire is maximal. When the moon passes, they do not fit a meter to the wire. Sometimes, even forget in the morning to turn on, so without strain all day and go away. And nothing - no breakthrough.


Broken wires twisted

At first we tried 20 pieces of factory columns. Such columns fall into the ground only 10 cm, but they are suitable only for already trained and very calm cattle. When there were factory columns, there were cases, some bull or a ram climbed on the fence, his electric current would strike and the animal forward along with the wire and columns running. Once the animal pulled the wire even with the generator. Then in the afternoon we unrave the wire, put the columns in place and after a while everything was repeated at first.

The electric fence currently blocks the entire area of ​​pasture. We replaced the factory columns with ordinary birch pillars, we digged the pillars deep into the ground. We divided pasture fencing on sections with an aisle and gates. Now we plan to put the old sheds in order to hide the animals from the sun and rain, and also that we did not have to drive animals at night to the farm. From factory isolators, we also refused, left only the corner. Every 30 meters we use a corner factory insulator, and other self-made insulators, made of a 20 mm diameter textolite rod. Such a stencil is easy to buy, it is cut into pieces of 30 mm (3 cm). On the one hand, cut the detail cut in a circle groove 2-4 mm, in the middle of the part we drill a hole with a diameter of 4-6 mm. Everything, the insulator is ready. I fasten the insulators to the pillar with a screw, so easier if you want to dismantle it, although you can also nail it to the pillar. The top of the insulator in the groove is the fence wire. In the same groove in a circle we drag another piece of wire, bite off the long ends. All!

The third story. After a year of use, I would say that an electric fence is an indispensable thing. The cost of buying and installing was paid after three months - so much we pay our village shepherd. Cows are quickly accustomed to the fence, and now they are afraid of a stretched rope with white flags. Installation is quick and easy. Moving from place to place does not last longer than 1 day. For the entire summer there was one "escape" of one cow, but I think that it is necessary to blame a dead battery. I advise everyone to buy.

Russian farmer tells Barkin

Here are my isolators polypropylene pipes for heating one screw insulator + cost 4 rubles. I was even surprised that in the morning, when all the dew, the spark on the wire at the end of the perimeter has always been.



The photo shows a safe made from a gas cylinder. The pipe is dug into the ground, like an anchor, and I put a safe with the generator on the pipe. When winter comes, I remove the safe.

Barkin safe

I put the columns every 8-12 meters. In the beginning of the season grazing cattle in the second tier I skip a thread from rolls of hay to make the fence more visible. Over time, this thread becomes unnecessary, cattle get used to.
Last season my cattle never escaped.

How to deal with damage and theft

When a poor person sees, what to take from the electric fence is nothing - decides to break.

Fighting is difficult, I try to use cheap pillars, wires and have their large stocks. This helps control the fence. Usually children damage the fence, but sometimes adults do this.

It is important not to bend the stick, they have more options to hurt you: tear the fence in the evening or when the rain or when there is no one near.

I understand that this sometimes happens and I try to calmly restore the damaged fence.

In the end it turns out better not to pay attention to fools. Indifference is more annoying. Your nerves are more expensive, at least for the same columns. It is necessary to be stocked with patience and as they say: "Thank you, Lord, who took only money."

Such stories about the electric fence were told on the sitefermer.ru.

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