Dog Repeller: reviews on the effectiveness and application

Dog Repeller: reviews on the effectiveness and application features

Reviews on Dog Repeller will help determine the purchase or production of finished such a device on an existing scheme (the scheme are given in the article "Dog Repeller: review of schemes for making their own hands"). In preparation for this review has been viewed several forums and user statements about a hundred, and then all this material was systematized and the most typical experiences on the use of the instrument are listed below.

The idea of ​​such a device is not new, there is a sound weapon that works very effectively. Therefore repeller using ultrasonic emitter, should work. But the desired effect requires sufficiently powerful sound waves. Ray whether such waves a tiny box smaller than a mobile phone with a small weak power element? It is extremely doubtful. On the websites there are impressive examples of the use of the dog, a large and aggressive leader of the pack of stray dogs, stopped instantly as if encountering a stone wall, spinning in place and throws himself headlong heels. These stories, with high probability we can assume by registered and paid by manufacturers of devices.

You can draw an analogy with a man who frightens only the powerful, sharp, unpleasant and unexpected source of the noise, suddenly appeared beside him.

But the best alternative to the above considerations - the experience of the practical use of such devices. Read!

Reviews of industrially manufactured Dog Repeller

Initially stories under the motto "Efficiency, help!"

Repeller - an excellent thing. My aunt postman working in the private sector. There's all dogs and dogs are not always adequate: many walk outside courtyards. Repeller it has never let down when the dog rushed - whining crawled into the booth. The main thing is to buy a quality-certified device, not a fake.

I work, I'm using it against their own and other people's dogs. When your dog's bark, do not give your child subside, lean out of the window and click, they are hiding from booths. Strangers many dogs running around, I once rescued a neighbor, the dog would not let go home, my husband went out with a shovel (just fire), I Repeller by pressing the button - the dog ran away. I do not know, maybe not all of them are effective, but my repeller helps. When told her, they did not believe, say, their effectiveness does not happen. a couple of times I had to show how it works, agreed that I was right.

I have a Dog Repeller. Always I carry it with you. Good stuff. Several times had to ward off unfriendly dogs. Using a very simple and convenient. He acts differently: some ran away, and the latter simply bypassed me and moved on. So the thing is excellent, really helps. But it is necessary to use only when necessary.

The leitmotif of the next word - "Help, but not always!"

I have long enjoyed ULTRASOUND Dog Repeller. The problem mainly during the morning runs. The park hosts somehow let their ugly dogs walking is not something that without muzzles, even without a leash. And such breeds like the Rottweiler, for example ...

So, the device is not valid on all dogs. On curs - almost 100% but. At home - the larger the dog, the less effect. My "favorite" Rottweiler contrary reacts aggressively ultrasonic repeller. I think the reason is that, living with people, dogs lose their sensitivity to ultrasound or it diminishes ... Another noted that over time the effectiveness of the device falls (there is something in it "sits" or something) ...

Negative feedback on Dog Repeller.

I complained to the owner of Dog Repeller on the poor performance of the Chinese. He told me that although the dog running away from that option. Other repellents they just come up and lick their. One such licked repeller he gave me. I thoroughly laundered it and decided to see what's inside ... In two transistors assembled inferior scheme ... Capacity no. I tried ponastraivat circuit in resonance with the mechanical resonance of the radiator. But the scope has made only 25 volts. Quite sparsely. Dogs lick on such a repeller!

Experience in the use and recommendations of website visitors Forum

If the dog is on the people not to coach, then in my experience, it works well insolent look in the eye with confidence that you have it now in the ground vobesh, with a turn and a couple of steps in her direction. For dogs already broken - stick or a demonstration of lifting off the ground is not even an existing stone - and all the time to look into her eyes. However, it is not suitable for women. For them: an unexpected discovery automatic umbrella in front of the muzzle and the protection of their, packaging out of aspirin with fine tobacco + red pepper or gas from a gas canister, which in any case is shocking dog. If the dog is a fighting and without a muzzle - immediately write a complaint to the police, especially if the risk to his woman. If ignored - will have to find a radical solution.

I'll tell you about the wild street dogs. I tested a dozen ultrasonic repellents. Somehow I worked stationary hefty deterrent powered 220Volt. The rest of the hand does not affect.

Since there is no dog lovers, I can say, works very well as a firecracker against swarms as against individuals. Electroshock - bursting and also helps.

From the sound shocker discharge, he saw, the distance was 40 meters, and instantly fled mongrel!

Taser, I think, the best defense, if the dog is not afraid of a spark - get a few kilovolts in the face ...

Personally for me it's the actual problem - with food often work on the bike, mongrel rush. Some of our employees even bite.

The menacing look and movements to help if the dog is alone, and if they are a pack led by one or two females, then no shocker does not help. Then either gas or powerful otpugmvatel dogs. Weapons are not suitable, because of pneumatic only angry, from "injury" for dogs is expensive and of firearms - then long thou shalt be justified. But! Spoiled Clothing (at best) and injections in the stomach are to talk about the effective protection of themselves and their families. Shocker, I think, is effective against individuals. But fighting and wandering hybrid better avoided.

Summary of the above

It is necessary to take into account the context of the above comments. For example, pay attention to the site, where the positive evaluation placed, because they are often found on the website of the instrument manufacturer. Given this, the leitmotif of most of the statements is the thesis of the lack of power of these structures repellents to stop aggressive dog. One of the amateur radio said it this way: "That was enough to frighten, it is necessary to carry a car battery and the device itself needs to be more." Therefore, I suggest the following conclusion.

Against the packs of dogs the best remedy - petard.

Against the single dogs - Taser, a powerful Dog Repeller, chili powder or other irritant in the eye.


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