How to measure multimeter

As the multimeter to measure voltage, resistance and current in the electrical circuit

See how in practice multimeter measured the electrical voltage as measured by multimeter current, as measured by multimeter resistance.

Multimeter measures the electrical voltage

Measure multimeter electrical voltage, for example, the automotive battery. Car battery is a source of constant current and voltage at its terminals is approximately 12 V. Therefore DCV measurements use a multimeter sector.

Our actions when measuring the voltage will be such.


How to use a multimeter

Multimeter, function and use it for measurement

Multimeter used each person dealing with electronics: multimeter can make a lot of measurements and even diagnose a fault in electron devices.

Multimeters different functionality and price, which in turn depends on the quality of manufacturing, precision measurement functionality (number of features / capabilities of the device).

Overall multimeter functions are as follows.




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