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Electric fence - reviews and stories about the experience of using


Electric fence - reviews and stories farmers

Buy a complex electrical device, install and see if it pays off - not a matter of minutes. Stories about the application of an electric fence, villagers reviews about it, to experience it in the work, will help determine the purchase of this device.

They say farmers

I'll tell you about their experiences. Last year, we bought an electric fence. We got a pulse generator, two coils (2 km) of the conductor, insulator (100 pcs plain white without screws and black 100pcs with screws) on trial, lightning arresters, set for the wicket. Nightshade: 6 cows, 1 calf, 1 bull. Power black-white (2 coil), 2 km perimeter. Columns from local birch. We all fields forest undergrowth and therefore no problem with pillars. They put the poles through the 20 meters (50 stakes at 1 km). The wire in one line.For one day all accustomed. We do not even expect. By twice every curious nose, and some one and then, no, no. The fence is clearly respected. Coming and going through the gate is fine. Open the gate, all line up and go home. There are always quiet on a trail. In the evening we arrive, all are within walking distance from the gate, chew the cud. In general, when I remember all our past leash as they floated on the way home, and even on the sites sometimes ran to the neighbors, we rushed them. And the mouth of it was not possible. Now much easier.
In September, more accustomed and calves. It is also understood everything. It will pay off for 5 times !!!

In winter, we want to try winter tape, but we decided to experiment with the same wire. They tried to work in the winter, not so much as in the summer, but given the fact that the beast Wire trying not to touch it, then fine. When did for curiosity or accident touched the kick is, the memory returns. Cheaper than a fuss, which is still broken. And then the fence is a natural instinct, "sense of fear".
The principle of operation is based on electroshepherd his immediate response, forcing the animal to "respect" the fence. Electric shock, the resulting animal is not dangerous, but the feeling after it is unpleasant, that after a maximum of two attempts, the animal will avoid contact with the fence. Naturally, it is impossible to produce a large herd of unseasoned once all - affect "the effect of the crowd."

This is the first review of the electric fence.

Second story. Avail an electric fence for 2 years, a good thing! Bulls three days to get used rams week, lambs on the second day after birth with sheep produce. It all depends on the number, while each 3-4 times breaks out - do not settle down. The first impact will be times when to go forward with the times and get used to the side away. The first days should always be near them with a piece of wire (if you wire instead wicker floss) and pliers. Cliff to properly twist to the contact area of ​​the two ends of the wire was maximum, and a month later the animals even a meter to the wire not suitable. Sometimes forget to include the morning, so no pressure all day and stand. And nothing - not a single breakthrough.


Broken wires twisted

Factory poles were taken on a sample piece 20. In the land they are stuck in the 10 cm, but are only suitable for cattle already accustomed and very quiet. I initially when standing factory bars, happened some stupid ox or sheep climb, it sharahnet and it forward together with the wire runs and columns. For the first time - even with the generator, I thought that the generator will break. Then half a day to unravel the wire, put in place the bars and after a while everything is repeated again. Initially, enough of hardship horrible.

At the moment, obscured the entire area of ​​pasture electric fence. We replaced the factory bars ordinary capital dug birch poles, divided them into sections and pass the gate. The plans to put the summer sheds, to the sun and rain and animals sought shelter on the farm the night they did not have to drive. From factory insulators also declined, except angular. After every 30 meters use factory corner insulator remaining homemade textolite made of 20 mm diameter rod. Such a grinder rod is cut into pieces of 30 mm (3 cm). On one side of the cut parts of the same grinder cut out a circle of 2-4 mm groove in the middle of the through drill hole diameter of 4-6 mm. All insulator ready, I bolted to the post insulators screw (easier then to dismantle it), although it is possible and nails. At the top of the insulator in the groove goes black wire electric fence. At the same groove in a circle tighten another piece of wire, the long ends of bites. All!

The third story. After a year of use I would say that the electric fence - irreplaceable thing. Expenses for the purchase and installation paid off in three months - so we pay the village shepherd. Cows quickly got used to the fence, and now fear a stretched rope with white flags. Installation is quick and easy. Moving from place to place not more than 1 day. All summer there was one "escape" of one cow, but I think that to blame a dead battery. I advise everyone to buy.

Russian farmer tells Barkin

Here are my isolators polypropylene pipes for heating one screw insulator + cost 4 rubles. I was even surprised that in the morning, when all the dew, the spark on the wire at the end of the perimeter has always been.



Safe from the gas cylinder. In the land of buried pipe, like an anchor, I put it safe with a generator, rented for the winter.

Barkin safe

Bars put 8-12 meters, at the beginning of the season on top of the thread missing from hay bales, then it is not needed, the cattle accustomed.
Last season, has never escaped my cattle do not, someone else's cattle wire tearing, but inside is not passed.

Fouling only kids, but these are trifles.

How to deal with sabotage and theft

When a poor person sees, what to take from the electric fence is nothing - decides to break.

To deal with this difficult, I try to use cheap bars, wire and have their large supply. It helps control fence. Usually harm children. but there are also more adult uncle.

Then stick the main thing - do not bend, do us a dirty trick they have an order of magnitude more options: break in the evening, when the rain when no one nearby - it's the simplest thing to do.

I personally try to restore calm and often watch the fence, something that even out of the window can be seen at home.

As a result, it is cheaper not to see or hear. Indifference infuriates stronger. A more expensive their nerves at least columns. It is necessary to accept as inevitable. And the supply of patience for these idiots. And as they say: "Thank you, Lord, that he took the money."

Such stories of electric fence told visitors

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