How to prevent mosquito bites - 4 ways

Simple ways to protect against mosquitoes

On the vast Russian expanses and wide Ukrainian plains of mosquitoes are innumerable. How to prevent mosquito bites? How to protect yourself from mosquito bites - tell Ukrainians and Russians.

The easiest way is to kill a mosquito. But it is so much - it is possible to beat from morning till night, but less mosquitoes will not.

On the Internet, this design of the mosquito trap is very popular:



Dog Repeller: review of schemes for making their own hands

Dog Repeller: review of schemes for making their own hands

Repeller dogs, affectionate and good friends of man, is not necessary, but make animal repeller aggressive and evil - a sacred thing. Well still find a working scheme, is not it?

Let us consider some schemes for those who work with their hands.

Driving dogs repeller on modern element base




Modern electric fence

Modern implementation of electric fences

Subject electroshepherd and electric fences for pets for several decades is relevant to anyone who is farming. Modern implementations of electric fences offer participants of the forum Russian site, which result in an electric fence circuit and share the experience of its manufacture with their own hands. Materials Forum outlined below.


Shredder feed their own hands

Shredder feed do with his own hands

Shredder grass, hay and straw for forage preparation is needed by all who are engaged in breeding poultry, rabbits, pigs or contain livestock or working in the garden. You can buy a commercial, but can help out and homemade chopper. Description of the shredder feed follows. All it can do with their hands out of scrap materials.

Basis chopper designs - a shaft length of 30 cm (12 mm rod) with a threaded 5 cm at one end.


Solar panels - reviews on the work and recommendations of the Installation

Solar panels. Reviews, recommendations ...

Pros and cons of using solar cells, solar owners reviews and recommendations for those who want to buy them - is the subject of this article, written after objective analysis of materials of different forums and online publications.

Clarify terminology. There are three types of solar systems.


Electric fence - reviews and stories about the experience of using

Electric fence - reviews and stories farmers

Buy a complex electrical device, install and see if it pays off - not a matter of minutes. Stories about the application of an electric fence, villagers reviews about it, to experience it in the work, will help determine the purchase of this device.


Dog Repeller: reviews on the effectiveness and application

Dog Repeller: reviews on the effectiveness and application features

Reviews on Dog Repeller will help determine the purchase or production of finished such a device on an existing scheme (the scheme are given in the article "Dog Repeller: review of schemes for making their own hands"). In preparation for this review has been viewed several forums and user statements about a hundred, and then all this material was systematized and the most typical experiences on the use of the instrument are listed below.



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